New Brunswick

how to make 2 sided copies

Hello chogan . The ADF on the Officejet Pro 8600 N911a does not have the ability to make a two-sided copy. This is because the ADF does not have a duplex unit to pull the original document back in and flip it so that the other side can be copied. ... More

how to make a little star

The captivating How To Make Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Invitations Designs For Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party Theme Planning Ideas Amp Supplies pics below, is section of How To Create Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Invitations Designs written piece which is arranged within Baby Shower Invitations ... More

how to play stars fell on alabama

The very first “STARS fell on Alabama” in 1999 was held in historic down town Mobile. Over 150 parrotheads attended Hockey games, a parrothead parade on ice, conga line parties, balcony contest, parking lot parties, a bus trip to LuLu’s and enjoyed great entertainment from 2 well known parrothead bands. The first annual “STARS fell on Alabama” was a weekend event that raised a total ... More

how to check or read email with telnet pop3

As a largely text-based protocol much like the HTTP protocol, telnet or openssl can be used to talk to a POP3 server and read some mail directly from the command line. Establishing a connection To start with, the usual process is to telnet to a POP3 server port, usually on TCP port 110. ... More

how to read a sydney home gasmeter

Howto use pimatic-log-reader with Plugwise Smile P1. This howto is based on a running pimatic environment with the pimatic-log-reader installed and a working Plugwise Smile P1. ... More

how to make memory video on iphone

11/11/2014 Videos take up far more room than albums. Just a few films will take up several GB of your memory. I often upload a few for long journeys, but delete them afterwards to clear space. ... More

how to say finished in japanese

Translations How to say done in Japanese? d?n done Would you like to know how to translate done to Japanese? This page provides all possible translations of the word done in the Japanese language. ... More

how to make a dodo account

Dial our Dodo Technical Support Helpline Number 1800-817-695, for further details and queries related to this blog or your Dodo email account. The Team is well-trained and expert in resolving the issues customers face in the day-to-day schedule. ... More

how to open a broken door

Get a great friend to help you out. You are going to be lifting a door that can weigh upwards of 350 pounds. When you need help, you need to get the best help … ... More

how to make a cobb salad with chicken

20/07/2017 · Cobb salad dressing tastes great on any low carb salad. Oil and vinegar based, this dressing recipe makes a nice vinaigrette for veggies, or a marinade for chicken, too. Oil and vinegar based, this dressing recipe makes a nice vinaigrette for veggies, or a marinade for chicken… ... More

how to make puffed rice recipe

Basically puffed rice upma is very simple, straight forward recipe. Like, quick to whip up and makes tummy full. Though this authentic North Karnataka food isnt common at my home as my mother never made, my friends ensured that I taste them, relish them. ... More

word how to put columns 2017

Using Columns in Word documents. When creating newsletters and the like, you may find yourself wanting to layout the text in a more traditional newspaper way. ... More

how to make faux rocks

Progressive's 'Lead Guitar' for Beginners to Advanced Students by Gary Turner and Brenton White in poor condition. The blurb:- A comprehensive, lesson by lesson guide outlining the scales and techniques used by rock lead guitarists; with special emphasis on improvising, rock cliches and theory as it relates to the lead guitar. ... More

how to make a cumulative frequency graph on autograph

The Autograph page shows a cumulative frequency diagram of the birth weights of babies from non-smoking mothers. Use the C.F.D Measure tool to get an estimate for the median and quartiles. How will the cumulative frequency diagram for the Smokers differ? ... More

how to open a cd on windows 7

Just put in the CD. Open 'Computer' and 'CD/DVD Drive' select any or all files, right click on the file (or one of the files) selected and choose 'Copy'. ... More

how to make rava kesari in tamil

The same mix can be used to make instant rava ladoos .If you plan to use same mix then make sure to powder roasted sooji and use the same for both kesari and rava ladoo .. I have not added kesari powder instead added saffron strands to give a good colour . ... More

how to make a nem look like shatterd glass

How to Create Custom Shattered Glass Brushes in Adobe Photoshop. by Kirk Repeat the process as many times as you'd like, or until you run out of panes of glass! 2. Process the Photos. Now we turn the corner into the digital world, and adapt our shattered glass shots to work as custom brushes in Photoshop. Step 1. Open one of the shattered glass shots and use the Crop Tool (C) to crop the ... More

how to pay lomabrd account

Welcome to the Payment Page for Dr Hans Lombard. By entering the information in the fields below, you can quickly and securely make a payment using your credit card. ... More

how to order boxing on sky

SKY Sport is the home of sport in New Zealand. With live coverage, dedicated shows, 5 dedicated channels plus ESPN & ESPN 2, we have you covered. With live coverage, dedicated shows, 5 dedicated channels plus ESPN & ESPN 2, we have you covered. ... More

how to respond to plagiarism accusation of friend s assignment

1/10/2013 What her friend chooses to do with the information once she's seen a previous assignment is where there is the *potential* for plagiarism. I would advise you to double check your University's ... More

how to make fudge for ice cream

When you're ready to make the ice cream, plug in your ice cream machine. Slowly add the ice cream base and let it churn for 30 minutes. Slowly add the ice cream base and let it churn for 30 minutes. You'll get a loose ice cream. ... More

egg flip how to make

Cook for around 20 minutes, or until theres almost no runny egg on top. Use a fish slice to slightly lift and loosen the sides of the tortilla. Carefully flip the pan over a dinner plate and tip out the tortilla, then slide it back into the pan and cook for another 5 minutes, or ... More

how to make your own icing piping bag

Another tip – frosting, especially cream cheese frosting, warms up quickly when in a piping bag, so keep the frosting in the fridge and top up your piping bag when you run out to make sure your frosting holds its shape. ... More

how to make sure nox doesnt disconnect

... More

how to make my wife a cum slut

The bellman's expression was priceless and kissing my check Jim commented "What a nasty slut my sweet innocent wife has become!" We played and pawed at each other in the elevator and down the long corridor like first time lovers eager to get naked together. ... More

how to open r31 fuel door

The fuel door is a hinged door over the fuel-tank filling pipe cavity, and swings outwards, on a vertical axis, to be in open position. ... More

how to make tarragon oil

1/02/2014 · Learn how to make a tarragon vinegar recipe. Tarragon vinegar is such useful vinegar to have on hand that knowing how to make your own is a definite plus. ... More

how to prepare a garden plot

Prepare And Develop The Site In most cases, the land will need considerable preparation for planting. Organize volunteer work crews to clean it, gather materials and decide on the design and plot … ... More

how to say i have a cold in jaapmnese

14/01/2014 · How to say I HAVE A COLD -- American English Pronunciation Rachel's English. Loading... Unsubscribe from Rachel's English? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.7M ... More

android how to play two sources of audio at once

On a scientific level, how is a speaker able to play audio from multiple sources at the same time without distortion? How in modern OS multiple audio is output from various sources at the same time? Is it okay to use a laptop while it is charging? ... More

how to make homemade toilet bowl cleaner

Every now and then, you might want to pick up that toilet brush and give your toilet bowl a quick scrub. Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets. Heres the instructions on how to make safe, homemade toilet bowl cleaner tablets using natural ingredients. ... More

how to say forget you in spanish

Here you have a verified glossary of flower names in English and Spanish. To see the list of flower names from Spanish to English, click on the link on the right. ... More

how to make a good lookbook video

To make this process easier even for the higher areas, a special sander with a long handle is used (sanding paper 60 grit). A vacuum cleaner can be attached to this to collect the dust. After this last step, the surface is perfectly prepared for the new wallpaper. ... More

how to make flourless pasta

How to Make Flourless Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Cookies These 6-ingredient, flourless cookies are a dream! It doesn't get any easier, and according to our reviewers, any more delicious. ... More

how to make a toy house

Steps: Cut the 1x4” boards to a desired rough length using a miter saw. Lay out the boards for the front, back, and bottom of one side. Use the fourth piece to determine the angle for the top of the box. ... More

how to make cloudy headlights clear again

There are several kits that you can buy over the counter that can handle most minor to medium cloudy or foggy headlights. Usually, your headlights will get foggy due to oxidation and UV radiation over time, or possibly due to micro chips and cracks that allow moisture to creep in. ... More

how to make red ochre

Red Ochre is delighted to be able to announce that we are working on the Innovating for Growth small business support programme for the British Library. This programme is open until 2015. This programme is open until 2015. ... More

how to open a iphone sim card slot

... More

how to make a higher fatboy seat

8/11/2012 · The Power Commander III is an addition to your Harley's engine control unit that allows you to change the fuel delivery program in the low, middle and high range of the motorcycle's power band. ... More

this war of mine board game how to play

This War of Mine by Awaken Realms explores that challenging question. I t can sometimes seem as if board games are stuck in a rut when it comes to their themes – there’s no denying that there are far too many generic fantasy, zombie, and Cthulhu Mythos games out there, for a start. ... More

how to make xbox one backwards compatible

The best place to check out on all current 360 games that are backwards compatible on One. This is just a listing of all titles that work on One from 360 and is kept up to date. ... More

how to say good luck to someone having a baby

5/06/2009 I always say good luck on your big day. Or my god i feel sorry for you you poor thing. Its a hard one cause you don't really know what to say. Im sure something will come to mind. Or my god i feel sorry for you you poor thing. ... More

how to make a crystal meth bong

Crystal Meth is the third episode of SpongeBong Hemppants. SpongeBong and Hashbrick are watching TV where they learn that their favorite band known as Fish is premiring at a concert. They are both excited, and they decide to get some sea-mushrooms from Spliffward for the concert, but are... ... More

how to make anova table in excel 2013

Excel® 2013 Contents at a Glance Introduction..xi 1 About Variables and Values..1 2 How Values Cluster Together..29 3 Variability: How Values Disperse..55 4 How Variables Move Jointly: Correlation..73 5 How Variables Classify Jointly: Contingency Tables..109 6 Telling the Truth with Statistics..149 7 Using Excel with the Normal Distribution..171 8 Testing ... More

how to make fake barbed wire out of paper clips

Home & Garden Barbed wire has a few uses. It is made as a deterrent to keep people and animals in or out of a place. Most barbed wire is used for fencing, but barbe, ID #1527794 It is made as a deterrent to keep people and animals in or out of a place. ... More

how to make flat head pins

19/03/2013 · How to quickly make jewelry head pins from wire. Are the holes in your gemstone beads too small for your head pins? These jewelry findings are a … ... More

minecraft how to make a dev null

Hello minecraft community. I am the owner of the Developers. Our mission is to be top in the following things:-Minecraft Web Dev.-Texturepack Dev. ... More

how to say have fun in hawaiian

It is fun and easy to learn Hawaiian. Hawaii is the only state that has two official languages, English and Hawaiian. Hawaiian is an Austronesia language that had almost become extinct. Today there only about 8,000 people in the Hawaiian Islands that speak Hawaiian, and most of those 8,000 live on Niihau. The island of Niihau is the only place in the world where Hawaiian is the first language ... More

how to make teddy bear with old clothes

Welcome to the Bear Wear Pattern Store! The Bear Wear Pattern Store offers an exciting line of sew your own fashion clothes for teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Bear Wear patterns are precisely drawn using drafting software and rigorously tested and tweaked to insure that they will fit most Build-A-Bear stuffed animals. ... More

how to make egg whites tasty

About recipes search engine. Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase how to whip egg whites. ... More

how to make purple from green

Green beans, string beans, and snap beans are long and rounded and green. Yellow versions are known as wax beans and purple varieties are also to be had. Heirloom varieties may still have a fibrous "string" running down their sides, but most varieties for sale today have had that inconvenience bred out of them. ... More

nuxt how to pass value to component

1/09/2015 · I know you can use controlled components to pass an input's value but it'd be nice to pass the whole kit n' kaboodle. Sometimes the child component contains a … ... More

how to make a water filter science project

Center Stage. Use a clean, dry coffee filter circle. Use your marker to draw a black spot in the center. Put the circle on a saucer, and put a few drops of water on the spot. ... More

how to make ssd boot in 2 seconds

For example, my Dell Adamo [laptop] that has a solid-state drive can boot to the Windows log-in in roughly 20 seconds. Arora: The OS and the components that you use lead to the complete experience. ... More

how to make sweet potato pudding

This sweet potato pie recipe uses vanilla pudding for the best ever flavor and texture. Learn how to make the best homemade sweet potato pie recipe from scratch! ... More

how to pass a federal law

The government wants the stronger powers passed by Parliament this week, but communications companies are warning against the draft law, saying it goes too far to allow the surveillance of ... More

how to make profiteroles with custard

To make Topping; In a medium bowl, combine cashews, eggs, butter, extra flour, honey and sugar. Pour over slice base. Bake For 30-35 minutes, until golden. Cool. Cut into 24 squares Pour over slice base. ... More

how to say i love you in romanian

If you've never partied with a Romanian girl - it's like saying you've never been to Ibiza: once you do - it's never the same again. It's in our genes to have fun and enjoy life. We love to party and will do anything to make sure you feel comfortable and have a night you will never forget. ... More

how to make fudge using condensed milk

While you don't have to have a candy thermometer to make fudge, it does take the guesswork out of the process. Step 1. Combine sugar, cocoa and salt in the saucepan. Stir to mix well. Pour in the condensed milk. Step 2. Place the pan over medium heat … ... More

how to make wedding mints

Homemade Meltaway Mints--my favorite nibble at showers and weddings. Surely, this candy is easy to make! At least I hope they are! The glittering sugar covering on these mints just calls to me across reception halls and dining-rooms. ... More

how to make chocolate covered pretzel rods

These quick and easy treats will make a colorful addition to your holiday table. Wrap some up in cellophane and ribbon to sell at your next bake sale. ... More

how to prepare bathroom walls for painting

The Easiest Way To Clean A Bathroom - Wikihow Clean the walls, windows and/or ceiling. If you have mold on the ceiling start with spraying a water bleach/disinfectant solution on it and let it rest for a couple of minutes, do the same with the walls ( if they are tiles) or use another cleaning product. How To Prepare Walls For Painting Bunnings Warehouse Part 1 How to prepare walls for ... More

how to make a private eco server

how to make private vpn server VPN Download Easy, how to make private vpn server Best VPN Fast‎ (High-Speed VPN🔥) how to how to make private vpn server for Unlimited Streaming Hide your IP ... More

how to make store bought cranberry sauce better

For so long, I bought the canned cranberry sauce but last year I wondered to myself how hard it could possibly be to make cranberry sauce and you know, it's pretty easy AND homemade cranberry sauce tastes SO much better than anything you could ever buy in a can! ... More

how to make puff pastry dough video

The different with Danish pastry dough or Croissant dough is that this recipe doesn't use yeast and egg. It's only flour, butter, salt, and ice water. And butter for the ... More

how to run away and not be found

Learning to listen and not run away from emotions Living in harmony means opening up our senses, since we live in a society and we adapt as the social beings we are. But more than social beings, we are whole beings, so we need a well-formed, stable identity that fits into the external environment. ... More

how to make an underwater house in sims 4

The Sims 4 Room Challenge is meant to test your management of social activities without the presence of other Sims. . Let your sims feel like mermaids living in this underwater house! It has everything you need including 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, beautiful kitchen and dining area, room for yoga and sports and even. Amina Fun. sims 4 cc. See more What others are saying "kaito_nikura's ... More

how to open a web page that is blocked

17/09/2018 Use Google (which is almost never blocked anywhere), to search for websites which names correspond to the domain of where you are (for example, if you are at school, they will not block websites that contain the words "maths" or "science") and add a description of the desired website (for instance, if you want social networking, type science social networking). ... More

how to make text align to a frame

Just select the text in the text box right click select "object Properties" a toolbar shall open in the right hand side got to option "Frame" just move your cursor on the available options and it shall show you the vertical alignment possibilities. ... More

how to move the menu gtl multipurpose theme

Divi (an extremely popular multipurpose theme from Elegant Themes), for example, is a holder of the Safe Seal by Sucuri, and this is a matter of comfort for Divi users. Speed : A speedy website is of utmost importance to online stores. ... More

how to make money from op shops

Who here op-shops, charity shops or thrifts(for my overseas readers) on a regular basis? I would probably end up in an op-shop once a week. Anywhere from Savers which is a virtual department store through to a local charity shop- if Im walking past and have the time I stop for a gander. ... More

how to make a salt block for cooking

Sautéeing on Himalayan salt blocks creates exponentially more flavor than sautéeing in a conventional skillet. This is because a salt block cooks your food in two ways. ... More

how to prepare pasta sauce

So we will make a sauce out of the sweet peppers and infuse in our local tilapia to give it a Kenyan feel. What you will need: 500g tilapia fillets ... More

how to make cafe curtains easy

I looked at many, many pictures of cafe curtains and liked how they looked when the curtain rod sat above the window’s meeting rails. You may like them better right at the rails or below. You may like them better right at the rails or below. ... More

how to make women cum during sex

Sex is pretty juicy, and researchers posit that ejaculate often gets mistaken for vaginal lubrication or male ejaculate, if present. Alternately, if you’re a retrograde ejaculator, you may be ... More

how to make a dirty chia latte

For this dirty chai latte, youll start by making the lavender chai syrup, which is essentially lavender buds+natural chai flavors like cinnamon, ginger and whole cloves. Youll bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes, allowing the flavors to absorb in the water before removing it from the heat and straining everything through a fine mesh strainer. Wait until the syrup ... More

how to make ice cream at home malayalam

ice cream in malayalam recipes from the best food bloggers. ice cream in malayalam recipes with photo and preparation instructions . Suggest blog. ice cream in malayalam recipes. ice cream in malayalam. strawberry cream filled chocolate crepes with espresso whipped cream #sponsored #mc I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of for . I received product samples to facilitate my ... More

how to make homemade rolling paper

its just like making paper make a hemps mush with water and fine grounded hemp and lay it out in between two fine screens and press then dry its not easy and i would ... More

how to make garlic aioli from scratch

An authentic aioli is a Mediterranean sauce containing garlic, coarse salt, and oil - that’s it. As The Food Lab points out, many chefs and restaurants list “aioli” on the menu when it's really just garlic-flavored mayonnaise. ... More

how to make green chile enchilada sauce

28/01/2016 · I alternate making enchiladas with red chile or green chile enchilada sauce, depending on my mood as I’m cooking most of the time. However, I can’t deny that I choose green chile at least 90% of the time. ... More

how to make wholemeal flour

A simple Wholewheat pie crust to top your favorite savory pie. Made with three basic pantry ingredients and really quick and easy to make. My family loves pie. ... More

how to run in bloodborne

9/01/2019 Asmongold Reacts to Dark Souls Remastered Speedrun - Any% in 32:54 IGT (World Record) by Elajjaz - Duration: 49:53. Assertonsin [Asmongold Stream Reactions] 2,048,041 views ... More

how to make my sprite not go through the ground

update: function() { //Make the sprite collide with the ground layer, this.groundLayer); }, Allowing the Player to Jump Finally, we want to make use of those keyboard controls so that when the up arrow is pushed the player will jump. ... More

how to make fan that go on water

22/02/2012 Well this is my fan configuration right now: 1 fan in front as intake 1 fan on side panel as intake 1 fan at rear as exhaust And as mentioned 2 fans on top of rad as intake Related Resources Water ... More

how to make a sandwhic

Mix 1/2 cup of the mayonnaise, relish, capers, and mustard together in a small bowl to make the tartar sauce; set aside. Cut the fish fillets as needed into pieces … ... More

how to make google full screen

Suggested Read How to change language in Google Chrome? How to enable Chrome full screen mode? Method 1 Via keyword shortcut. If you are using Windows operating system, you can click F11 key to enable Chrome in full screen mode. ... More

how to make your teacher have a crush on you

22/03/2015 · Supernanny Tells Mom 'To Grow' Up After She Expects Her Parents To Look After Her Kids Supernanny - Duration: 9:26. Supernanny 6,988,817 views ... More

how to make strawberry cookies with cake mix

I took my Confetti Cake Batter Cookie recipe, subbed strawberry cake mix for vanilla and chocolate chips for the sprinkles. Its truly the easiest cookie recipe youll ever find, especially for how soft, puffy, thick, and perfect they come out. ... More

rubber band gun how to make

The Rubber Band Gatling Gun is a handmade gun using CNC machined parts that would make you feel as if you are holding a real gun. It can shoot 100 rounds of rubber bands at a time, is capable of ... More

how to play whos your daddy

Play as a baby, play as a daddy. Either way someone is gonna die in Who's Your Daddy? ... More

how to make wide body fenders

The result of fender rolling makes a huge difference for low cars with large or wide wheels. Like many other enthusiasts, most of my cars are usually lowered with large wheels with a low offset. Personally, I think this looks great but turn whilst in full lock or have a … ... More

how to make a unturned base

8/01/2019 · Storage Shed Stone Foundation Build Blueprint Online Maximum Shed Size Without Permit How To Make A Wood Stove Pipe Heat Reclaimer Easy To Assemble Shed base for plastic storage shed The plan you have in your should be printable in A4 size, even for the individual view. You don't to be able to cramp all of the views in A4 when you do donrrrt you have an A3 size tattoo. You need … ... More

how to make cake with oreo biscuits in cooker

Make the rest of the dough into cookies and bake. Clean out your mixing bowl (or get a new one) and beat together the cream cheese and butter until smooth. Add the salt, extract, and powdered sugar and beat well. ... More

how to make a venn diagram with 4 circles

You can't create a Venn diagram with four circles. Two circles intersect in at most two points, and each intersection creates one new region. (Going clockwise around the circle, the curve from each intersection to the next divides an existing region into two.) ... More

how to make onion egg omelette

previously i have posted recipes like besan cheela and even tomato omelette recipe which has the similar texture. however this recipe of eggless omelette recipe is more closer to the actual egg omelette recipe. also the recipe is prepared very similar conventional omelette recipe. for example the besan and maida is mixed to form a thin batter which is spiced with onions … ... More

how to make a enderman in minecraft

6/12/2012 · In this minecraft tutorial you'll learn to build a simple and easy enderman farm. You don't need redstone or pistons!! You go to the end and there you … ... More

how to play coast to coast by the scorpions

Scorpions Coast To Coast - - Rated 5 based on 56 Reviews "Life without SCORPIONS - Unthinkable!!! So many thanks to my fav fanpage, to keep their... ... More

how to prepare shark fin

1/01/2019 · In this Article: Article Summary Preparing Your Shark Tank Caring for Your Shark Socializing Your Shark Community Q&A 23 References. The rainbow shark is a brightly colored fish from Southeast Asia and a favorite for fish owners. ... More

how to play roblox with a xbox one controller

Here you will learn how to play Roblox on PS4. Roblox has been on XBox for quite some time, now it is time for the PS4 users to enjoy playing Roblox as well. First of all switch on your Sony Ps4 ( Playstation 4 ) and then go to the homescreen. Now navigate the home screen till you find the Internet Browser app and click X on your controller to open it( O if you are using a Japanese model). Now ... More

how to pack linen for moving

When you are moving, you have several options for packing. Your professional moving company can provide full-packing services or you can pack all, or some, of your belongings yourself. However you decide to handle packing your items, always remember that good packing is essential for a good move. ... More

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how to play fifa 17

I've seen quite a few people on youtube and twitter having trouble with this, trying to play on another account with ea access after their 10 hour...

how to read history textbooks

6/09/2013 · Example of reading techniques --reading for understanding and argument, to use Mortimer Adler's terms. Subject is Chapter Four of Carter Lindberg's "The European Reformations."

how to make my video background black filmora

The best video editing software! Create amazing videos easily using Filmora's wide range of powerful editing tools. Filmora's delightfully intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to become a great video …

how to make a copper wire wrap bracelet

Recycled Copper Wire Bracelet Tutorial A Step7 – Wrap the thin wire around the bracelet, starting in the middle where the two ends overlap. Bend the thin wire in half. Insert one piece of wire between the bracelet wires at the middle of the overlap. The thin wire should make a “V” with one of the thick wires sitting in the bottom of the “V”. Wrap one wire towards you going around

how to open ofx file

Are you having difficulty opening a file that ends with .OFX? Such files can be executed only by certain programs. If you cannot open the .OFX file, it can be due to the following reasons: either you do not have an appropriate program to open it, or your file association is corrupted.

how to make glitter lotion for kids

2/11/2018 Have the kids make their potions on a large tray, like a baking sheet, so that the fizz will be contained easily. [1] For a more authentic potion-making session, transfer your ingredients into plain glass jars and create labels for them with creative alternative names.

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